The Concierge Ibiza has access to hundreds of special places to stay on Ibiza. Here you can find your ideal Ibiza hotel or luxury villa or we will select the perfect one for you.

Perhaps you would like to vary your stay by staying at both, splitting your stay between a beautiful Ibiza boutique hotel and a stunning villa with a pool and sea view. Maybe you would like a housekeeper for your luxury villa, a private chef, your friends to join you for a few days, some fresh groceries delivered to your door. It’s all possible.

Maybe you are in the mood for a five star Ibiza spa hotel, with a wide range of treatments and activities. Perhaps you would like to come with friends for a special Ibiza Golf holiday, there are a wide range of stunning hotels with special facilities close to areas where you can party and explore the island.

If you like to be by boats Ibiza Marina hotels are perfectly situated for portside restaurants, yachts and port nightlife. If you are in the mood for Ibiza shopping holiday, an Ibiza town hotel will be perfect for you, close to the best bars, coffee shops, Ibiza fashion stores and beautiful restaurants.

The Concierge Ibiza has a list of Ibiza top hotels, you can book directly here or speak with us and we are delighted to meet all your needs.

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